Performance Arts and Sports

Curriculum/​ Performance Arts and Sports ​

Eaton places a great importance on Performing Arts and all children from Early Years throughout school enjoy weekly lessons in both music and drama. 

Educational theorists are increasingly emphasising the importance of “emotional intelligence”, developing a creative mind and fostering personalities and imaginations as children make their journey through school, to become happy and well-rounded individuals.

Performing Arts allow children to develop creative passions and  simultaneously teach children language and communication skills, and helps them to communicate effectively with confidence.

Our experience proves that children who participate in Performing Arts can enjoy improved performance in the more traditionally academic subjects as they often form the majority of the Academic Award winners each term.

The drama component of Performing Arts in Eaton exposes the students to acting, dancing and public speaking. Allowing them to develop self-confidence and belief in themselves. 

The Music component of Performing Arts begins by teaching the lower years rhythm and musical theory so that by KS2 the children are able to gain exposure to instruments. Among other instruments the children learn the instruments through the ocarina, string  with ukulele and guitars, drumming with steel pan ,samba and djembe.

Through ECA the students gain experience of  back stage roles in productions including promotional work, sound mixing, recording and editing and the operating of lighting systems

At Eaton, we place great importance on children being active and involved in sports. Physical activity  stimulates the physical and mental growth of a child and is not just limited to being fit but has good effects on their studies as well.

Sports not only help children in character building and maintaining energy and strength, it also improves mental sharpness. Sports always develop a sense of friendliness, team spirit and confidence among children.

We believe in whole school participation, exposing our students to a number of sports events at school and state  levels. The P.E. teachers are qualified and young and energetic. For those sports in which we don’t hold expertise we employ coaches to ensure that the students have the best experience.

At Eaton the PE  curriculum is planned and designed for students to develop and enhance skills like strength, speed, endurance and agility. The year is divided into 3 terms and exposure to 3 different sports activities per year. 

The sports we currently offer to the students include:


We place great importance on Swimming both for the exercise perspective and for the safety of the child. Swimming is an all-around activity that includes muscular development, cardiovascular development, body and mind coordination, making a student endurable and fit.

Martial Arts

Martial arts are recognized as an art form and are considered to be beneficial for enhancing the functioning of all of our senses. They add to our strength, alertness, endurance and so much more. They also give a sense of self-discipline from an early stage of life. At Eaton we offer coaching in Judo, Taekwondo and Ninja.

Ball Games

At Eaton we expose the students to a variety of ball games as part of PE and also as after school activities. We have school teams for most sports. The school teams have additional after school training. The ball games currently on offer are football, basketball, netball, handball and dodgeball.


Badminton is a popular sport which teaches children agility, stamina as well as coordination. It is played competitively in school both internally and externally in inter school competitions.


Activities like races, high jump, discus etc are all a part of Athletics which boost the morale of our students to try harder with better preparations each time they compete. These activities stretch their ability and enhance their stamina, muscle tone and have a number of physical benefits.

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