Why Choose Eaton International School?

Our School / Why Choose Eaton?

Active and Holistic Learning

Eaton delivers a well-rounded education that allows children to be independent thinkers who can master and apply concepts. Active learning, learning by doing and understanding rather than memorising, is proven to improve thinking skills, memory retention and consolidated understanding. In addition, our Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) enhance our programming by providing opportunities for children to engage outside the classroom and push the boundaries of their learning. Further, we educate the whole child by integrating activities that offer personal enrichment, community service learning, outreach and curricular support.

Proven Academic Achievement

Eaton students achieve great success both inside and outside the classroom. Our challenging programme is designed to prepare children for IGCSE, pre-university and beyond. Our results in the Cambridge Checkpoint international examinations are consistently above average and we pride ourselves on constantly raising the benchmark. Outside the classroom, our accomplished students often find themselves at the top of the podium at sports tournaments and performing on stages in theaters across Asia.

Grow and Learn with Technology

Technology is paramount to our daily routine, as all classes are equipped with Smartboards and Apple TVs. Every child uses an iPad or MacBook throughout all subject areas as a tool that supports and enhances resourcing and learning. Teachers are trained and confident in integrating technology to ensure students are able to better access lessons, concepts and skills.

A Truly Global Education

Our teachers come from over 10 English speaking countries and provide a wealth of experience and knowledge to our learning environment. This allows our programmes to suit the needs of different nationalities and groups in Malaysia. Our primary goal is to deliver a high quality of English language instruction taught by expatriate teachers qualified in countries such as England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA. We are committed to ensuring an English speaking environment for native speakers and learners of English alike.

A Well Implemented Curriculum

Eaton bases its programme on the Cambridge Curriculum for English, Maths and Science, as the syllabuses are well designed, interesting to learn, accessible to learners and academically rigorous. Cambridge also provides a comprehensive assessment scheme that allows for global comparison of learners’ progress and development. Non-core subjects, including History, Geography, Art, Music, Drama, PE, Design & Technology and Languages, follow the English National Curriculum, which works as an expansion to Cambridge to provide children with a global understanding of critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving.