Primary School

Curriculum / Primary

In  Eaton International Primary Years we inspire our students to grow and develop through engaging & meaningful learning. By nurturing each child, they are empowered to fulfil their potential. We foster curiosity and a desire to learn which are the basis for independent lifelong learning.

Learning takes place in a dynamic environment to stimulate each child’s desire to learn. We empower children to seek personal improvements academically, socially and personally. We offer opportunities in sports, performing arts and outdoor education so that children can explore their own passions and talents.

Key Stage 1 - Ages 5 to 7

KS1 at Eaton International School is a place where children have many opportunities to develop and thrive. 

Key Stage 2 - Ages 8 to 11

KS2 at Eaton International School make excellent progress. Students are motivated to learn academically, socially & independently.