Reporting and Assessment

Curriculum/ Reporting & Assessment 

Assessing and reporting are two important processes in the learning and teaching at Eaton International School.

Assessing student learning is an integral part of the classroom. It improves learning and informs teaching: It is the process through which teachers identify, gather and interpret information about student achievement and learning in order to improve and plan for further learning. Teachers use achievement standards when planning for, assessing and reporting student learning and achievement. This involves teachers making ongoing professional judgements against the curriculum about students’ knowledge, understanding and skills.

Teachers at Eaton use a range of assessment techniques e.g. work samples, teacher observation, self-assessments, written  tests, assignments, reading passports. These tasks, allow teachers to cater for all learners and learning situations.

Reporting  practices include summaries of student achievement in a termly  printed report and teacher/parent meetings about learning achievement and progress. Reporting involves a professional judgement made on a body of evidence about a student’s progress and achievement against the curriculum. These judgements are made against the achievement standards of the UK National Curriculum. A teacher’s professional judgement is at the heart of reporting student achievement.

The purpose of termly written reports is to provide parents and students with a summary of achievement and progress for the current term. This report summarises evidence of student learning about how the student is achieving, provides feedback about the quality of this achievement and provides direction about where to next. 

In addition to the internal school reports, students in Years 6 and 9 take part in Cambridge Checkpoint examinations. Students receive individual reports that highlight strengths and weaknesses in the different strands of the assessment. 

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