Secondary School

Curriculum / Secondary

At Eaton International School we aim to future-proof our students and empower them to succeed in an ever-changing world. Students are inspired  to grow and develop through engaging and meaningful learning. They are taught the self-skills needed to ensure their success in their tertiary education and on to eventual employment in the executive world. Our students learn how to use the skills learned and apply them to the information given in different contexts.  Through having the confidence and determination to improve they take risks, ask questions, occasionally make mistakes but constantly strive for improvement.

We offer the UK National curriculum with core subjects of English, Mathematics, and Science assessed by Cambridge. KS3 builds upon the foundations of their Learning ensuring  that they are able to problem solve, think critically and analytically and have an ability to convey their ideas in an articulate and persuasive way. KS4 centers around the Cambridge  International GCSE qualification, the ideal preparation for whichever path a student chooses for their tertiary education.

Key Stage 3 - Ages 12 to 14

During Key Stage 3, students are encouraged to become independent learners who think critically and take risks in the classroom. 

Key Stage 4 (IGCSE) - Ages 15 to 16

At Eaton International School, our IGCSE students choose their own subjects to ensure they progress academically, socially, creatively in towards their future goals.