Teaching and Learning

Curriculum/ Teaching & Learning

At Eaton International School we believe that the curriculum empowers children by combining the total learning experiences of students both inside & outside the classroom. The taught curriculum occurs within the classroom and the ‘wider’ holistic curriculum of the soft skills, ECAs, Excursions, Sports and Arts work together to give your children the experiences they need.

At Eaton, we believe that effective learning is when the learner is engaged & motivated to explore, investigate, develop skills knowledge & understanding which can be applied in different context.


Effective learning happens when:

1) Learners understand what they are learning & why

2) Skills & understanding are being developed

3) Learners know how well they are doing and how to improve

To ensure that effective learning takes place, our teachers complete continuous professional development using evidence based pedagogy from around the world. We learn so the children can learn.

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